Monday, December 3, 2012's not just an insect anymore.

First of all, our toilet in the hotel is a Euro-style that flushes straight down. Bummer. But never fear because I immediately filled up the tub and watched the water flow down the drain.  The theory is that the water drains the opposite direction down here in Australia than it does in the Northern hemisphere.  This is apparently due to the Coriolis effect.  While this may be true for things such as hurricanes it doesn't seem to matter for little things such as tub drains.  I could use my finger to swirl the water either way but for the most part it did seem to want to flow in a clockwise direction.  So I will call my scientifically unscientific experiment a success since it was a really good excuse to take a long, hot shower.

Now that we have that out of the way on to the heart of the matter!

Australia is awesome! We arrived after a great flight on Qantas to a heatwave.  It was the first day of summer and seriously humid.  I was not expecting my hair to immediately spring up to its natural state of curly but there I am. Oh well, it seems like everyone here just accepts and deals with whatever weather comes their way.   No worries.  Which, by the way, I hear people say at least ten times a day.  And when I hear an Aussie accent say, "no worries", I actually stop worrying. Not really sure why but it works. No wonder they say it all the time.

The food here has been excellent. I really haven't had anything bad to eat.  The first place we stopped was a Thai food restaurant called "House".  It could easily be the best Thai food in Nashville so I was stoked to randomly find it.  Not that it's that hard to imagine. Sydney is a lot closer to Thailand than Nashville.  Anyway, it seems that the indigenous food in Australia is everything.  Turkish, Indian, Thai, Sandwich shops, Pizza, Mexican, if you want it, you can find it within a 20 minute walk.  Including KFC! I kept seeing ads for KFC on TV and for some reason am floored that there are so many locations here.

I'm currently watching cricket.  Steep learning curve here.  Australia just lost a test match to South Africa.  This is six days into the series and Ricky Ponting is retiring from the sport.  Apparently this is a huge deal.  As far as I can tell it's as if Derek Jeter played for the United States winning us baseball glory worldwide. It may not be anything like this but that's what I'm imagining. Oh, and this would also require baseball to be America's favorite pastime again but that's a different story.  Going to go head out and find another incredible place to eat supper!  Peace!


  1. The dogs are at camp in Oregon with the grandparents. They are spoiled already. Tough leaving them but I'm glad they have a good place to be!