Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Think left, look right!

The biggest challenge I've had so far is getting used to seeing cars driving on the left side of the road.  Apparently the city of Sydney has realized that there are those of us that need help so there is "look left" or "look right" spray painted on the ground at most intersections.  Very helpful.  I've only had two near death experiences by crossing the road so I chalk those up to a much need adrenaline rush and move on. Needless to say I'm going to give myself a couple of weeks before trying to drive anywhere.

Today it really sunk in why we are here: infrastructure.  This a huge growth economy and they are having trouble keeping up.  We opened our bank account and got our phones turned on and there is a wait everywhere.  Banks open at 9:30 and there is a line out the door.  So many people are moving here that every property I've asked about scheduling an "inspection" already had a hold deposit down.  I'm not really sure why Australia is booming now but I have a feeling it has something to do with economy.  It always comes down to money, doesn't it?

Anyway, I think I finally have my coffee order down.  Important things first, you know?  I asked the kind lady at Gloria Jean's what everything meant.  Gloria Jean's is like the Australian version of Starbucks.  They have Starbucks too but apparently they didn't go over well so they've shut down most of their stores.  Starbucks is evil.  And acidic, but that's just what my stomach says.  Anyway,  she said, "you're American, yeah? I went on holiday there and ordered a Latte and they gave me a flat white.  Weird. No worries."  Then she was nice enough to break everything down for me.

Short Black or Espresso = single shot of espresso
Long Black = Hot water added to a double espresso
Americano = Upside down long black, basically just double espresso first then hot water, not really sure why this matters but coffee lovers seem to be able to tell the difference?  I seriously doubt that.
Cappuccino = 1/3 espresso, 1/3 streamed milk, 1/3 froth, served in a cup
Latte = Same as cappuccino with less froth on the top,  served in a glass
Flat White = Same as latte/cappuccino except less milk and froth, served in a cup

Basically it's the same drink in a bunch of different incarnations.  Any way you go the coffee is good.  So no worries :)

Splenda has not made it here yet so your options for sweetening your drink are adding a shot of vanilla for an extra charge, raw sugar, Equal and usually they have honey and caramel available.

Oh, I've also seen the Love Boat, MacGyver, Bewitched, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, King Of Queens, Green Acres, and any and all Ted Danson shows back to back.  Not quite sure what's going on with TV but the number one drama here is Revenge. About 5 months behind the US airing. A bunch of movie stars are in average commercials like George Clooney for Nespresso and Samuel L. Jackson for  And they have the same exact commercials for Progressive except the actors are Australian and "Flo" is "Kitty".  Yep.  Awesome.

Lots of pictures coming soon...

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