Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Add Snow!

It's Olympics time again! Hooray!

I am a total sports nerd as many of you know and I absolutely love the Winter Olympics.  I always had this secret dream of becoming a world-class luge star but alas, Vale had no luge course.  Yep, that's definitely the only reason I am not a luger.  I coulda been a contender!

Anyway, I'm very anxious to see what it's like watching the event from a different country's perspective.  This is Channel 10's ad that has been running non-stop for the past two months. I must say that it's rather inspiring.  I know all of the words to the National Anthem now so I'm ready if they win gold.

I'm curious to see what Opening Ceremonies will be like without Bob Costas telling me what I'm supposed to be thinking and feeling at any given moment.  What will it be like without an American slant?  Do the Australians just stop showing the other countries the second they walk in or do they air the entire broadcast?

I will tell you one thing.  Americans missed out on the London Olympics coverage.  If you ask any random person throughout the world what they thought of London 2012 I think the average response would be something like, "London was great, wasn't it? My favorite was the Paralympic games though.  Man, that was fantastic."  Wait a minute, the Paralympic games?  I vaguely remember NBC advertising a recap of those or did I imagine that?  Hold on, you mean to tell me that they broadcast the Paralympic games?  Yes.  And apparently they were almost better received than the regular games.

Hopefully, at some point NBC and Universal Sports will see fit to allow us to see these inspirational games for ourselves one day.  What a concept.   Jacqueline Freney, from Australia, won 8 gold medals at the London Paralympics and was just awarded the Young Australian of the Year.  She says that she just feels normal in the water.  C'mon NBC, don't rob young kids from seeing role models like this.  Heck, don't rob me!   Put emphasis on these games too.

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