Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tennis, anyone?

January 10, 2013

I love being in a country that loves tennis as much as I do. It’s January, the month of tennis.  I get to watch tons of tennis on free TV. They lead with it on the news.  Prime time TV shows won’t start until “after the tennis”.  It’s also really funny how they add “the” to tennis every time someone says it.  Did you come to watch "the tennis"?  This way to "the tennis".  Not sure why this makes me chuckle but it does.  Every time. 

I got a chance to go to the Apia International tourney here in Sydney yesterday.  It’s so fun to be able to get on a train and get off at a major ATP/WTA tournament.  I also forgot how accessible the athletes are in tennis.  You walk with them to an outside court so they can play.  You stand beside their coach and watch them court side as they practice.  It’s incredible! And kinda scary. Isn’t it sad that the “American” in me is wondering why they don’t have more security. Something could happen.  They barely checked my bag and let me bring in basically everything but glass bottles.  

And yet the only incident I can remember is the crazed fan that stabbed Monica Seles in 1993 in Germany.  Amazing considering how many tournaments there are every year.  

Aussies are going Bernard Tomic crazy right now.  He is on a winning streak and they only thing Aussies love better than good tennis is an Aussie playing good tennis. 

Can’t wait to go to Melbourne next week!  Enjoy the pics

Roberta Vinci - Italy, WTA Ranking #16 singles, #1 Doubles
Agnieszka Radwanska - Poland, WTA Ranking #4
Madison Keys, USA,  practicing on an outer court
Radwanska serving, she went on to win the tourney
Ryan Harrison, USA, serving in his win against fellow American John Isner 
The players have to duck their heads to get through fans wanting autographs
They change the nets for men and women.  All about sponsors and money...
Ryan Harrison watches as John Isner's serve is clocked at 219kmh
Bernard Tomic - Australia v. Florian Mayer - Germany
Atomic Bernie

Sara Errani - Italy, WTA Ranking #7 serving in her doubles match

Tomic and his wild kick on the serve.  This is one way to know he is feeling it!
John Isner - USA, ATP Ranking #13  The guy is 6'9"!!

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