Monday, January 21, 2013

Experience Wooloomooloo! 8 o’s = 8 times the fun

Been settling in lately.  Funny how time smooths things over.  We got a chance to meet up with Sean’s cousin and his partner.  We shall call them our first official guests even though they didn’t come here to see us.  They were on a cruise that stopped here in Sydney over New Year’s Eve.  What an incredible experience!  

It was so fun seeing other Americans that I think I talked their ears off.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed interaction with people I could understand easily.  It’s kinda like eating at McDonald’s, sorry, Macca’s.  It makes my brain turn off and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Note: I limit myself to this only when feeling particularly homesick. Mmm, fries.  Thanks to Mark and Edgar for putting up with my craziness.

Famous Coca-Cola sign that lets you know you are in Kings Cross
They had a great recommendation to check out Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Wooloomooloo so Sean and I made that one of our meet ups after work this week.  Located on the Finger Wharf where Russell Crowe has an apartment, Harry’s is famous for their meat pies and chili dogs. All kinds of famous people have eaten there as there are pictures of Colonel Sanders, the Blues Brothers, Elton John, Brooke Shields and many more on their walls.  I told them that I was open to having my picture taken but they stared blankly at me.  Guess Magnolia isn’t as popular in Australia as I had hoped.  Ha!

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

I had a Tiger, the signature dish named after the owner.  This is a meat pie with potatoes, mashed peas, gravy and goodness on top.  Basically everything that makes me happy.  We will be back.

My tiger!
Sean's Chili Dog
On a completely other note I finally found a place that sells Fosters!  Whoever had 33 days wins the pot.  Pretty sure that they have it only for the tourists though.  Nobody, I mean nobody, drinks Fosters in Australia.  They drink more Corona here than Fosters.  It’s a funny phenomenon when you think about it.  Beer is all about marketing.  For example, people rarely drink regular Budweiser in the US and yet it’s a favorite among Europeans.  No one drinks Fosters in Australia yet lots of people drink it in the US.  Mexicans don’t really drink a lot of Corona but it is popular everywhere else.  I think it comes down to the fact that domestic beer kinda sucks.  Seriously, I love it to the point that I can’t drink it anymore but it’s not good.  It’s an “acquired” taste.  My point is use your taste buds and drink Rogue and Full Sail.  Life is too short for crappy beer.

Finger Wharf

They sell Fosters?!

Stairways like these are prevalent all along Kings Cross to Wooloomooloo

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