Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The case of the fortuitous leak

In a few short days, the stars in the sky will be familiar again.  The voices from the mouths of those around me will be like mine.  The sights and smells will be foreign to my daughter and yet they are a part of her homeland.  Yes, the water will drain in the opposite direction again. And while I will miss Australia terribly, I will truly be home. I love America. With all of her faults she's still a grand ol' lady and I'm keen to try to be one of the positive voices to remind people how good we have it and how much we can help others.

I'm tearing up just thinking of the first "steps" my child will take at LAX on American soil. I know exactly the moment I'm looking forward to.  There is a sign above where you enter the United States with a picture of President Obama welcoming visitors and saying welcome home to us Americans. Let me tell you folks, regardless of your politics, that is a beautiful sign.

President Obama was here last weekend for the G20 and seeing him speak to the University of Queensland and to the Australian people filled me with such pride.  I was proud to call him my President.  It's a funny thing, most of the people that I run into here love him.  They don't understand why so many Americans are so upset and why he has a low approval rating. Then again, I don't understand why they elected Tony Abbott.  It is what it is.

I'm not going to make this post political.  Just so far as to say that I believe we have it good; period.

I was looking back at my posts over these past couple years and found it so amazing that so much can happen in such a short period of time.  In some ways, I feel as if it flew by.  Yet in others it has drug out longer than the waiting line at the DMV.

I am basically just a huge ball of feels right now.  I had a little break down last week when everything came to a head.  Moving with a child internationally is a grand adventure.  Sometimes the adventure takes you to a dark cave where you just have to curl yourself up into a ball and cry.  My cave is my shower.  Thankfully, Sean made it back from New Zealand and gave me a little time to go to my cave.  Then, the next day, there was a leak in our room.  I called up maintenance and about 5 hours later we were moved into a new room WITH THE MOST AMAZING VIEW!! We just sit outside in our solarium at night and watch the world go by like VIP's.

I've started calling it the "case of the fortuitous leak".  I was seriously almost at my breaking point and then boom, a light appears.  God works in mysterious ways.

Now I have my mojo back and we are in fighting shape ready to take on this epic first plane ride with a renewed vengeance!  Look out America, here we come!

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