Sunday, October 20, 2013

Completely random post alert!

Things I think are cool about 'Stralia:

  • Itemized tax receipts:  If you exchange money with any person or entity there is usually some kind of receipt involved in the transaction.  You can see where your money went and keep it in your records.  One solid thing the Tony Abbott government has brought forward is the issuing of tax receipts.  They will show what you paid and where it went.  Talk about accountability.  USA, take note please.  Now, this hasn't actually been put in practice yet so we haven't seen if it will actually work.  I love the idea though. Plus, the Treasurer's name is Joe Hockey.  Cool name.  Read an article about it here.  

  • No pennies:  Yes, there are still things that cost $19.99 but you end up rounding up or down accordingly.  It's really not that big of a deal.  Australia pulled one and two-cent coins from circulation in 1994.  Some of them were melted down to be used in the bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Still worried about store owners losing money if we eliminate the penny?  Click here to read the results of the effects on Australia by the University of Melbourne.  Basically, you end up breaking even and saving the government money by not producing the coins.  Currently, the U.S. cent costs approximately 2.14 cents to make. While this ends up going down the more the coin is circulated (cause of math and stuff) it still seems like a waste.  Sorry, President Lincoln, at least your face is on the fiver.  Common sense - 1  Penny - 0
You could argue that this is the only Penny we really need, America.

  • Opera House:  Picture Sydney in your mind.  You are most likely picturing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  It was even in Finding Nemo for pete's sake.  The icon is celebrating it's 40-year anniversary this year.  40 years. That's it.  Paris; you think Eiffel Tower.  London; Big Ben.  A great city needs a great icon and the Opera House and its crazy architecture seem to fit Sydney perfectly.  I'm so excited to be able to sing there in December.  Stay tuned for some behind the scenes stories.  

  • Carrie Bickmore:  I firmly believe that if she cared about conquering the media world, she could.  But, it seems like she is more interested in caring for and providing for her child these days.  Especially after losing her husband to brain cancer a couple of years ago. This is why I love her.  She is one of the hosts of my favorite news show, The Project.  She's been nominated for the Gold Logie the past two years.  The Logies are basically like the Australian version of the Emmy's and the Gold Logie is the Australian Entertainer of the Year.  I guarantee you she will win this one day.  There is just something about her that makes you wish she was your friend.  Being genuine is a hard thing to express through the TV but she's fantastic.  I dare you to not like her. 

Things that totally annoy me to no end:
  • TV show teasers:  Obviously this one is for the folks that actually watch TV. Which, in this country, is not a lot.  Just over 23 million people and if you have a program that gets 1 million viewers you are doing well.  Honestly, more people downloaded a pirated copy of the final episode of Breaking Bad.  They actually have a big problem.  Since they can't air shows from America fast enough (their "fast-tracked from the US" usually means at least a week later) they can't keep up with illegal downloading.  People want to watch their favorite shows as soon as they can.  I fall into this category but I have the advantage of having a US address and I use a VPN to watch all of my shows the day after they air on Hulu and Netflix.  Australians just illegally download them. 
For example, a recent episode of Modern Family aired on Channel 10 to 568,000 viewers but it was downloaded approximately 1.75 million times. Hannibal was downloaded 2.1 million times but aired on Channel 7 to only 190,000.   How I Met Your Mother was downloaded 2.85 million times and aired to about 500,000.  The seriously big one is Game of Thrones.  Downloaded 5.2 million times and aired on Foxtel (not free tv) to 224,000 people.  This must drive the channel execs crazy!  I think they take it out on us through their preview advertisements.  Ziva has almost died or left every episode of NCIS so many times that when it actually was the episode she left they played it down.  They would feature her in ads about episodes that weren't even about her.  You see, I'd already seen the episode and I watch the ads with my mouth open saying to Sean, "it's like I haven't even seen it.  I have no idea what they are talking about."  At first,  I would talk back to the TV, "what are you talking about? Ziva isn't even in that episode."  But now I just kinda laugh and go with it.  
Update:  I was apparently wrong about how behind the shows are being run.  It is finally Ziva's last episode this week and that is all they say on the ad, "Prepare for Ziva's Farewell" in big, echo voice.  I don't know what they will do since I just saw a huge billboard for NCIS with Ziva standing in front of Gibbs.  They really love Ziva...
But, bad preview ads are not exclusive to American shows.   Channel 10 caught flak over one of the most popular Australian TV shows, Offspring.  The writers were upset when they revealed in the ad that someone would be dying.  It was a huge deal and was supposed to come as a complete surprise.  But, Channel 10 took the surprise away by giving you three people that might die.  Who could it be?  I actually like this show and it made me mad.  I've only been watching for one season.  Patrick died.  They killed off Patrick?!! Can you imagine how shocking it would be if they didn't tell us somebody was going to die?   I now use it as a verb for when something happens unexpectedly to a main character.  He got "Patricked".  So far no one knows what I'm talking about and that's usually how I like it.  Inside jokes. I loves 'em. 
Seriously, Channel 10?  You should be "Patricked" for this. Patrick is on the right btw.

  • Vision:  Speaking of TV they call any kind of video, "vision".  So the above YouTube clips? Yep, vision of Carrie Bickmore.  Not sure why I find this so weird but I do.  It's a video.  Why change the name?  


  1. Spoiller Alert. Could use "Oh we don't see Marcus no more, he got Downton Abbey'd...Matthew style."

    1. Oh yes. I'm still trying to pretend that Matthew didn't die. It won't be real until I see the new season.
      Actually, now that you say that it's a lot like what happened on Offspring. Patrick was Nina's soon to be husband and the father of her baby born on the very next episode right after the funeral. What a happy downer that was! It left me in a pool of my own tears yelling at Sean, "Why am I crying? Why am i crying? A Dingo Ate My Baby!! Stupid TV show."