Thursday, May 23, 2013

More random thoughts about 'Stralia. By Coley.

*There is apparently an Australian version of Crocodile Dundee.  I have now made it one of my primary missions to find this and watch it.  Stay tuned!

*By the way, no one will ever say, "Throw another shrimp on the barbie."  Primarily because they don't say shrimp, they say prawn.  I have issues with the use of the word "prawn".  I realize that's what they are but I was raised saying shrimp.  I normally would have no aversion to changing to use the term prawn if not for the movie, District 9. Any time anyone says prawn now I can't help but think of the alien prawns.  Not good if you are wanting to eat later. Thanks Neil Blomkamp for ruining my dinner choices.

*Funny grocery store story:
So, I'm checking out at the grocery store and I'm forced to use the self-checkouts because there are no actual cashiers at the time I go.  I don't mind this for the most part but I don't like it when I have a lot of different produce.  I get to the green peppers and select the 'items most selected' button.  Not there.  Okay now I get to use my alphabet skills to see if I can look it up.  I search for "P", no peppers.  I search for "G", no green.  Argh. I decide to scan the rest of my items and leave those for last.  I look up at the guy that's suppose to help. He obviously does not want to help me.

Okay, I can do this.  I check everything again still no go. There was a line behind me when I started.  They have all gone elsewhere.  Ugh, this is silly.  Hmm, what have I not tried?  Verde?  Wait a minute that's green in Spanish. Why would it be in Spanish?  Then it hits me.  Duh!  These are capsicum! I start laughing out loud and talking to myself.  "It's capsicum.  These are green capsicum."  The dude just looked at me and nodded like I was someone with special needs. Yes, crazy lady. Those are green capsicum, very good.  Seriously people, it was funny.  No one got it.  Crazy American.

Oh and did you know that the PLU codes for produce are the same worldwide? I didn't.  So bananas here are #4011 just like in the states. That's the only one I know by heart. AND you can tell stuff about your produce by looking at the number. For example, four numbers is conventional produce, five numbers is organic and genetically modified produce is five numbers beginning with the number 8.  Whoa!  I can't believe it.  It all means something...

*I will never get used to seeing adults on Razor scooters.  They are called pushbikes here but whatever you call them they just look silly.  When I see you behind me in line for food I will smile and laugh.  Please note I am, in fact, laughing at you Mr. Top Heavy Weight Lifter Guy who is riding a Razor scooter with his tiny little no muscle legs.  Once again, you look silly. And I know about looking silly.

*I will always be alarmed when I see huge cockroaches roaming the streets.  Sydney is famous for them.  I like to think of them in cockroach gangs and when I only see one he must be living life dangerously away from his mates.  Is he coming back from a romantic tryst or maybe trying to find food for his starving children? Whatever it is it always startles me and then I usually say, "Hello Mr. Cockroach," (they are always guys, not sure why).  Then we both go our separate ways.  As long as they don't come to where I live we will both be just fine.

*Phrases that get dropped like they are hot. (aka I've heard them more than once)
Dob you in = tell on someone; ex. I'll dob you in if you take that!
Dobber = tattle tale
Bit of a damp squib = something that is supposed to be exciting that turns out to be disappointing
That's bonzer, mate! = (pronounced that's bonza, mayeet) that's great
Publican = Owner of a pub
Punter = Gambler
Skull it! = Chug it!
King hit = Punch someone with great force aka knockout punch
It's gone walkabout = you lost something and it's gone

*Can't figure out an Aussie accent from a New Zealand Kiwi accent?  Don't worry.  They can't figure out a Canadian accent from an American one.

What's the fastest way to tell an Australian from a New Zealander?
Tell the New Zealander there is no difference.

Also, when you tell a Kiwi "Aren't you basically Australian?" this is exactly like saying to a Canadian, "Aren't you basically American?" They don't take it well.  You have been warned.

Speaking of...
Sean had a guy at his work say, "You're headed to Portland, yeah I've heard that place is pretty cool. I've always wanted to visit Northern California."
Sean - "Wow, I have to remember to tell that to my wife. She will love that."
Guy - "Why?"
Sean - "Because Portland is in Oregon.  It's a completely different state."
Guy - "So, Oregon is not part of Northern California?"
Me - "Serenity Nooooowwww!!"

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  1. Have fun in Portland Oregon, California when you go this summer. That's cute... miss you.