Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tramps like us, baby, We Were Born To Run

Since I'm all about doing things that scare me these days I decided to sign up for a 10k.  Not scary for some, absolutely terrifying for me. You see I have a secret that is not very secretive if you know anything about me.  I hate running.  I really do.  I think running is good for sports and getting away from things you don't want to be around.  Yet here I am.  Running all of the time. Tell that to my 16-year-old self and I think I would have laughed you out of the room.

The race is now six weeks out so I have started on the official training regimen to get prepared.  It's a Nike race so part of the deal was that I got new shoes.  Boy, what a difference that makes.  They have set up a little store in Ultimo right near Central Station for you to come in and get your gait analyzed.  I've done this before at Fleet Feet in Nashville but for whatever reason this time it seemed to work better.  I started training in my old shoes and had my typical problem of shin splints.  Now with new shoes, no shin splints.  I didn't even think that was possible!  Hooray!  I'm not just an out of shape freak of nature.  Now I'm just a chick with big hips that's very popular in certain areas of Europe and South America.  Seriously,  birthing hips are apparently a big turn on in some sections of the world.  Anyway...

Now I am following what my computer tells me to do.  Since I am a total nerd I will tell you that this would not be at all enjoyable if not for my Nike+ app that keeps track of my workouts.  I'm not even getting paid to say this!  But seriously Nike, if you want to I wouldn't say no.

Anyway, I downloaded the free app on my phone and through GPS it tracks my pace, elevation, distance, etc. and automagically updates it to my computer.  Looking at the data is way more enjoyable to me than the actual running so far so it's motivation for me to keep going.  Whatever it takes.

Plus, I think it's easier to run when I don't know where I'm going.  I just run and then try to figure out a way to get back to my apartment.  Don't worry.  Our new RoadID's are in the mail so if something happens they will know who I am and know that I need more cowbell.  At least, that's what I put on my ID badge.  Figured I'd make the first responders laugh so they were more motivated to save me.  Once again, not even being paid to endorse!  But check these out!

I might even start going to the We Run Syd running group that runs around the CBD on Monday nights.  Basically because if I go five times I get a free shirt.  Somebody has finally figured out what motivates me!

So, in May, I will be running in the Nike She Runs The Night 10k in Centennial Park!  Wish me luck. It's a women-only race that has three divisions.  Cheetah is in it to win it, Lioness is in it for a personal best and Tigress is in it to finish it.  I'm a full-fledged Tigress and I'm sure you might be hearing again about my training.  Sorry to all of you reading this in a frigid North American spring but it it still hot right now.  I sweat more in this country than I did in Nashville.  Go figure!  Maybe I can send some warmth your way!

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