Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You can find so much when you're lost

I took the wrong bus today.  Here I thought I finally had a handle on all of the buses in my area and where they went.  Nope.  Waiting for the M20 that I know for certain goes to Central, the 301 comes first.  I think, "Sweet, I can hop on and get to central faster."  I know immediately as I take my seat on the bus. Duh, this bus doesn't go to central.  Oh well. I have to walk a little longer.

It's amazing the things you find when you are lost.  On my walk, I literally found a hole in the wall cafe called Cafe Nookie. It serves take away only, this is what they call "to go", and just consists of a small hole in the side of the building from which you order.  Awesome.  I also found a quicker route to where I can play tennis.  By the way, one downside of living in a country that loves tennis is that you have to make a reservation or "booking". Plus, you pay by the hour even on public courts.  The courts are great though.

Tennis courts at Prince Alfred Park

I finally reached my destination and luckily had given myself plenty of time so extra walking was a bonus. Woohoo! Don't need to do cardio today.

It's incredible how everything is so relative.  Facebook is amazing to me because I get to see the differences of all of my friends from all different countries.  Most people in America have very little to complain about.  We have it really good.  Even if you are mad at the government or upset about gas prices or bummed because your bananas aren't ripe enough we have it good.   And yet it's what Americans do best.  If my future self is reading this please remember and stop complaining.  Either do something about it or be happy.

John Wooden said, "Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out." Yep. I miss my dogs.  Stuff is weird.  I can't get real sunflower seeds in the store. I hardly have any actual friends.  Mexican food is non-existent.  I'm finding it impossible to keep the correct humidity for my guitars.  I miss my family. I could go on...

But I'm in Australia!  The stars are upside down! Seriously, we just figured out this week that the moon cycles are the opposite here in the Southern hemisphere.  AND the Big Dipper is upside down too and actually called Crux, the Southern Cross.  Holy everything I ever knew just got thrown out the window and flew into the sky, Batman!  I wouldn't be able to experience this if we hadn't just said yes.  So, for two years at least, we are crazy.  And I'm not complaining. (Well, okay, the nicknames get a bit much sometimes...)

Things that I find magical:
Bus Drivers = They drive metal monstrosities the length of 8 Hyundais through cross streets, around roundabouts, and get me from point a to point b.  Amazing!

Croissants = Flaky Witchcraft

Old-time Sailors = How did they navigate by the stars?  They knew about the stars being upside down in the Southern Hemisphere? Or are they upside down in the Northern Hemisphere??? That is crazy and it must have been magic.

Sydney signs =
Because I always wear my Native American headdress when I cross the street?

I also dance across like Fred Astaire so beware drivers!

They have a song to remind you to be careful of the sun.  Check it out!
Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide!!  It's been around since the 80's but I kinda want it to become the next dance craze after all of this Harlem Shake business is over.

I refuse to conform to your magic numbers.  So I added my own and my husband laughed. 

Not sure if this is "magical" but it's definitely funny.  Stand proud Australia!

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