Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first taste of Vegemite

Before I get a bunch of people telling me that I did it wrong, yes, I know.  I have since learned and now know that certain things have to happen for Vegemite to get a fair trial.  Apparently the bread needs to be toasted.  Then a good deal of margarine spread on the toast.  Then a tiny amount of Vegemite.  So, I cannot accurately judge Vegemite as a whole.

That being said, I still don't get it. I just figured that I would put a whole bunch on and take a huge bite so I could really say that I tried it.  Maybe I might like it better if I grew up with tastes like this or it was the end of the world and all we had was a lot of Vegemite.  I think it might be great at that point.  But I will show my true American colors and say if you're gonna give me something that brown on my toast, give me Nutella any day please.  Hazelnut is the official state nut of Oregon after all.

Hope you like the video!

(Sorry for the crazy focusing sounds and focus in general.  Just getting the hang of these newfangled moving picture gadgets.  Or were we just being arty?)

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